Please, follow all instructions carefully and call Dr. Bronstein if you have any doubts or questions. The success of the procedure depends on your compliance:

  • Do not eat anything or drink hot fluids until the numbness has worn off to avoid injury from accidental biting or burning. Avoid biting lip/cheek.
  • No vigorous rinsing, drinking through a straw, or spitting for 3 days so the blood clot will not be disturbed.
  • Today, rest as much as possible with your head elevated. No vigorous exercising for 3 days.
  • Slight bleeding is normal for several hours following surgery. If persistent bleeding occurs place a wet black tea bag on the involved area and apply direct pressure for 15-20 continuous minutes. Repeat as necessary. Call Dr. Bronstein (561-344-3916), if bleeding does not stop.
  • Do not pull back the lips or cheeks to look at the area as this can disturb the surgical site and increase complications.
  • Do not eat by the surgical area for 1 week. Soft nutritious foods will be necessary for the first few days. Avoid acidic and crunchy foods (no chips, no pretzels, no popcorn, nothing hot, nothing spicy, eat on the other side). Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Do not use any tobacco or drink alcohol, as these will delay healing.
  • Swelling can be lessend by place a cold compress on the face alternating on and off for 10 minutes during the first 48 hours.
  • If instructed so, Do NOT blow your nose for at least 7 days, no bending head or lifting any weights. If you have to sneeze, do NOT hold it back — sneeze out and with your mouth OPEN and avoid pressure in your nasal/sinus passages. Use nasal decongestants, such as over-the-counter Sudafed® tablets or Afrin® nasal spray as Flonase®, to keep passages dry, especially if you have noticed drainage or feel the need to blow your nose.
  • Take all medications the doctor has prescribed for your according to directions and with food, unless otherwise noted:
  • Starting 24 hours after surgery, gently rinse your mouth with Chlorhexidine or StellaLife, twice a day, without diluting and without rinsing with water after as per Prescription.
  • Apply SellaLife Gel on surgical site daily and use recovery kit as recommended on packet.
  • Take 5 pellets of Boiron Arnica Montana 12C sublingual until dissolved 3x/day for 7 days with no food or drink for 20 minutes before or after. Do not consume or apply any Chamomile during this week.
  • Take 400mg (2 tablets of 200mg) Ibuprofen the day of surgery with plenty of food and fluid before bedtime.
  • Unless instructed otherwise, starting the day after surgery, if slight pain take 400mg Ibuprofen every 4-6 hours with plenty of food and fluids, as needed.
  • In case of severe paint, take 400mg Ibuprofen together at the same time as 500-650mg Acetaminophen (1 tablet of extra strength Tylenol OR 2 tabs of regular Tylenol) with plenty of soft food and fluids every 4-6 hours, as needed. Do call Dr. Bronstein and let her know.
  • After the surgical treatement, proper oral hygiene must be maintained in the surgical area to aid in healing. After one week, carefully brush the teeth while avoiding the gums in the area of surgery. The gums and lower parts of the teeth should be cleaned with a dampened piece of cotton. Gentle flossing and other interproximal hygiene can be resumed in 2-3 weeks. Regular gentle brushing and proxa-brush application between the teeth with Listerine can be resumed after 3 weeks. Resume water pick application at 4 weeks.
  • After periodontal surgery, sensitivity of the teeth may occur. This is remedied by maintaining proper oral hygiene and using specially formulated sensitive toothpaste, such as, Sensodyne or prescription Fluoride Toothpaste, discuss with Dr. Bronstein.
  • If a periodontal pack has been placed in your mouth, do not remove it. The pack should remain in place for one week. If the pack comes off before this time, it is not an emergency, but the doctor should be notified.
  • Return for your appointment to have the periodontal pack and any sutures removed. If the sutures loosen or come out within 3 days, please inform the doctor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text Dr. Bronstein’s cell 561-344-3916.